Shoreline Pendant

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Shorelines - where the land meets the water - are vital to the health of our environment. Not only do shorelines provide habitat for so many aquatic species and birds, natural shorelines also help keep our water clean and protect the land from erosion. 

The Shoreline Pendant was created to help support the Muskoka Conservancy, a charitable organization working to conserve and protect natural spaces in Muskoka for future generations. One quarter of all proceeds from sales of the Shoreline Pendant will be donated to the Conservancy. To date $4,400 has been donated.

The Conservancy has protected over 60,481 feet of sensitive shoreline, over 708 acres of wetland and over 3,979 acres of habitat for thousands of species. To read more about their initiatives visit their website.

The pendant is approximately 1.25" in diameter and is worn on a 22" chain in the second image.