Miranda Britton is a jeweller and multi-disciplinary artist based out of Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. Art has always been a strong focus in her life and after high school, she relocated to the west coast to study visual art at Vancouver’s Simon Fraser University.

In 2006, Miranda indulged a lifelong fascination with personal adornment by enrolling in the Jewellery Essentials program at the Haliburton School of Art & Design and has been making jewellery ever since.

Miranda's jewellery pieces are a visual exploration of the many ways that humans converge with the natural world and wearing her work serves as a reminder of our place within the natural world and its cycles. 
As a maker, Miranda values careful craftsmanship, but also embraces natural imperfections as part of the process and evidence that each piece has been made, one at a time, by human hands. 

Miranda currently work out of her studio on the upper level of Britton Gallery a lovely fine art and craft gallery that she and her father, Ted opened in downtown Bracebridge in December 2019.