Home Pendant (Large)

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The Home Pendant was created during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, as a way to mark this strange time in history and to honour the notion of what it means to stay home. When I was a kid and had an itch to go somewhere or do something, but my Mom felt that our family just needed a day at home, she would tell me that we were just going to stay home and "be plain". I like to think of our time spent at home during the pandemic as a chance for us all to practice being plain.

Handcrafted from sterling silver, oxidized and brushed finish.

Pendant is approximately 1.25" high by 0.75" wide. The pendant is worn on an 18" chain in the second image and the final image shows both the large and small versions of this piece.

Please note that all pieces are made individually by hand, so there may be slight differences between the piece you receive and product images.